Project Engineer - Mineral Processing

  • Location: Vares

We are looking for a dedicated Project Engineer - Mineral Processing to assist with the test work, design, flowsheet development, forecasting, resourcing and managing of technical activities related to the proposed processing of the polymetallic ores to be produced at the Vares project operations.

Your main responsibilities include:

  • Review all test work and flowsheet development completed previously.
  • Work with and manage external, international consultants on further testwork and flowsheet development for the project and provide input.
  • Provide reports and feedback to the project management team and senior company staff on the testwork and flowsheet development work being carried out.
  • Develop, with the consultants, the layouts and engineering designs for the processing plant and associated infrastructure.
  • Interact with consultants and international suppliers of mineral processing equipment to agree on specifications, equipment performance, supply and cost for equipment required for the project implementation.
  • Work with consultants and internal procurement team to establish specifications, costs and subsequent supply and delivery of consumables and reagents required for the process plant operations.
  • Establish plans and budgets for capital and operating costs for the project.
  • Plan, recruit, develop and manage the processing plant staff required to monitor and supervise construction and project development, commissioning activities and subsequent operations.
  • Creating frameworks to measure the project's metrics and data collection.
  • Establishing an appropriate laboratory to perform testing required for the mining and process plant operations as well as ongoing environmental and other testing requirements.
  • Establishing processing operations test methods and methods for monitoring the quality of plant operations and performance.

Basic Requirements:

To be a successful Project Engineer - Mineral Processing, you should have the ability to work with multiple internal and external teams and demonstrate excellent project management and supervision skills. You should also have excellent organizational, time management, leadership, and decision-making skills.

  • A Bachelor's degree Faculty of Mineral Processing, Metallurgy or similar, with passed State professional engineering exam
  •  8 or more years' process plant operating experience, including time in a supervisory capacity, preferably in polymetallic operations.
  • Experience with metallurgical test work and process flowsheet development, plant design criteria development and process plant engineering design would be beneficial.
  • Excellent computer literacy
  • English language skills beneficial.

All interested candidates, who meet the minimum requirements, are kindly asked to send their motivation letters and CVs by e-mail to The ad is open until 10.08.2020.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and invited for an interview.

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