Donation to Vares High School for start of term

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  • 8 September 2020

As a socially responsible company, Eastern Mining endeavours to be involved in local activities, as well as understanding needs of the community.

Last week, Lejla Karčić a representative of Eastern Mining Company donated 50 liters of disinfectant and one non-contact infrared thermometer for measuring the body temperatures to the High school „Nordbat 2“ in Vareš. Classes have started today for first-grade students.

In order to successfully battle the COVID-19 pandemic, the representatives of High school „Nordbat 2“ Vareš requested these items for the upcoming start of the new school year. In the current circumstances, with this donation, the school is hoping to secure and improve the conditions for future class attendance. Director of the High school „Nordbat 2“ Mirnes Hrvat and professor of the English language Lara Brđanović welcomed Lejla Karcic with their hospitality and were appreciative of the way that Eastern Mining company is trying to build good relations with the local community.  The Company aims to help in many different aspects of the lives of the local community.