Working at height under safe conditions

  • general

  • 10 September 2020

While safety at work is one of our key priorities as mentioned before, last week at Eastern Mining in Tisovci we had a demonstration on how to safely operate whilst working at height.

Working in these situations presents all kinds of danger for our employees, most of these dangers require special attention. To prevent these potential hazards, employees must consider the following steps: recognizing a potentially dangerous environment where there is a risk of falling from a great height, ensure that they are wearing properly designed security equipment, securing the correct spot for tying a rope or belt, and evaluate the distance they could potentially fall. it should be noted that every employee must pass the medical exam for working in these conditions.

Our entire team carefully observed the whole demonstration process from the beginning. Questions and suggestions came during and after the demonstration was finished. The demonstrator also provided much needed information about safety gear requirements and the security measures that can be used for protection against an accidental fall like fences, edge protection on slope surfaces and protective nets for preventing falls. Although it sounds simple but another important point demonstrated was the angle that ladders are set to prevent a fall.

Finally, some of the employees applied all of the gathered information, while climbing and were carefully supervised by our qualified staff.