Donations to the community

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  • 15 January 2021

We have decided to start 2021 with a gift to the community.

Eastern Mining will donate 30,000KM for humanitarian purposes to those most in need. All employees were asked to participate in the selection of those who will benefit from the donation and duly gave their suggestions. After internal discussions, the final decision was made. The following institutions and organizations were selected to receive part of the donation:

  • Humanitarian - charitable organization "Bread of St. Anthony" of the Franciscan Province of Bosnia Srebrena
  • Institution for admission and upbringing of children "Small school" Vareš
  • PI "Home Family" Zenica
  • Foundation / Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of the Vareš Region
  • Public institution center for social work Vareš
  • Red Cross of the Municipality of Vareš
  • Karate club "VARESH" from Vareš
  • Association of scout detachment "Zvijezda" Vareš
  • Local community Daštansko
  • Pržići local community
  • Local community Donja Borovica