The Public Liaison Committee

The Public Liaison Committee (PLC) is a key platform of our engagement and enables us to collect feedback from and share project information and updates with our near communities.  

The PLC ensures there is an ongoing forum for dialogue between Eastern Mining and a cross-section of community representatives from the municipality of Vares and other municipalities impacted by our activities. Meetings are held in the Municipality every quarter.

The aims of the PLC are:

  • To keep community members informed and updated about current and future project activities.
  • To identify and enable discussion of any issues that the communities are interested in or concerned about.
  • To allow Eastern Mining to collect feedback and suggestions from the communities, both on its project activities and on its engagement and communication with the communities.
  • To prepare and maintain plans for the management of emergency situations.

The PLC currently has 28 members representing local communities affected by the project, key institutions in the municipalities of Vares and Kakanj, and representatives of local non-governmental organisations.

If you have any questions or comments for the PLC – please contact 


As part of Eastern Mining’s ‘Living History', members of the PLC have been interviewed – these interviews can be found below

To watch the Eastern mining community video, click here.