Providing support for safer road conditions

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  • 18 August 2020

In the past few weeks, we have captured some images of the workers from Javno komunalno preduzeće Vareš while they were clearing the overgrown grass as well as branches that were hanging from trees, making both sides of the local road “Vijadukt Vareš – Višnjići” dangerous. This road leads to the communities in Daštansko, Pržići and Tisovci.

This activity is supported by Eastern Mining and will lead to improved and hopefully more secure road conditions improving the visibility of the sharp curves that are very difficult to navigate, especially for the inexperienced driver. There will be more visibility from a driver perspective.  Works started last Friday and should be completed within the next few weeks, much needed traffic signs will be put in place and reflecting traffic mirrors in the most critical parts of the road. Eastern Mining is also involved in similar contributions to the local communities including the reconstruction of local roads such as “Bare, in the community of Pogar – Crossroads Duboštica”, “Vijadukt Vareš – Višnjići” in Vareš municipality. These two roads mentioned also lead to the Borovica and Veovača sites, areas surrounding the current Eastern Mining Project. Being involved in helping the local communities along the way is one of the main aspirations of Eastern Mining. With activities such as the one mentioned above, the local communities are being provided with better accessibility to the roads on the route to the town.

During these tough times with COVID-19, many people are starting to lose their jobs. EM as a company is putting in a huge amount of effort to support local companies such as Javno komunalno preduzeće Vareš to maintain a regular amount of work and in turn giving their workers an opportunity to earn a wage. Part of Eastern Mining’s core values are to support local companies, enabling the residents of Vareš to have a better life and prosperous town to work and live in.