Eastern Mining Company donates disinfection tunnel to Vares Healthcare Centre

  • general

  • 22 April 2020

Eastern Mining company donated a disinfection tunnel and 200 litres of corresponding disinfecting fluid to the Vares Healthcare Centre for a more effective fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The tunnel will be used in the coming weeks for the everyday disinfection of all uncovered body parts, clothing and shoes of people entering the building.

“At the moment, people’s health should be a top priority for the entire community, and so it is necessary for all of us to act synergistically in order to overcome this civilisation crisis, “ emphasized Miloš Bošnjaković, General Director of Eastern Mining.

Assistant to the Director of Healthcare Centre Vareš Adis Čizmo thanked Eastern Mining for showing their initiative and sympathy for their local community in these times of crisis. “The disinfection tunnel will help us greatly in the prevention of COVID-19 not only in patients but in our medical staff as well“, Čizmo said, expressing hope that other companies in BiH would follow the example of Eastern Mining and provide assistance in their local communities.