Third Public Liaison Committee Meeting

  • general

  • 1 October 2020

The Eastern Mining Public Liaison Committee met on October 1, 2020, for their third meeting.

The company provided transportation for the Public Liaison Committee members from Vareš to Tisovac/Pržić. Committee members had the opportunity to visit the Eastern Mining offices and meet members of the ADT/EM team and view the company's activities before the meeting held at the House of Culture in Pržići.

During the session, the Minutes from the previous (telephone) session were read and approved, and the members of the Committee were briefly introduced to the company's activities in the previous three months by General Manager Adnan Teletovic. Other members of Eastern Mining team presented information regarding geological activities and information from the environmental - social team.

A majority of the members of the Committee were present at the meeting, and the Eastern Mining team was satisfied that a positive and affirmative discussion continued throughout and all interested parties received adequate information about the Project and its activities.

These meetings are a good example of the liaison between Eastern Mining and the local community.  The company would like to thank the Association of Women Pržići, who prepared refreshments for the meeting – following the current COVID guidelines.

The management of Eastern Mining thanks the members of the Committee for the excellent response, advice and suggestions in the hope that the constructive dialogue will continue to the general satisfaction of the population, local community and company.