Eastern Mining Sponsors Community Accordion Competition in Vareš

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  • 28 July 2019

On the July 27, 2019, the Cultural Centre in Przici was reminiscent of past times and the traditional and widely known events that used to be organized there.

Participants of the Vr'ovina Harmonikijade 2019 gathered together after 7 pm and rehearsed for the performance. There were 13 applicants for the competition: Vikt orija Jurkic, Josip Mircic, Dejan Franjic, Karla Malbasic, Nedim Zazan, Meho Zazan, Zeljko Franjic, Bruno Gavran, Mladen Malbasic, Oliver Drmesic, Mirnes Dedic, Goran Bozic and Mihovil Mijatovic . Around 9 pm everyone came out on stage and introduced themselves with a song. They also played and sang the famous folk song Harmoniko moj.

The event was opened by Toni Petkovic , a member of the Przici community and also the programme manager. He said in his welcoming address: "While dealing with Vara ethnology, I came up with a lot data and found something interesting facts about music. The harmonica was invented in 1822 or 1829 - and I think was first seen in our country with the arrival of the Austro-Hungarians. The use of accordion began between the two world wars. Prior to that there were mostly stringed instruments, strings and wind instruments.”

The Przici President, Jasna Mircic welcomed all the visitors and thanked all the participants in the performance and all the sponsors of Harmonikijada, namely: Municipality of Vareš, Eastern Mining, Sean tech Bosnia doo Vareš, Edi control Vareš, MPM, Profitex, Pero, Elektroprivreda HZ HB, and individuals Damir Malbašicand Mario Bogeljic.

Varaždin Mayor Zdravko Marosevic was honoured to officially declare the Vr'ovin Harmonikade 2019 open. The panel of judges; Sanjin Babovic, Amel Celikovicand Igor Hinger had a really difficult task, as each competitor gave an outstanding performance.

The program was opened by the youngest team of 4 competitors, who are proud inhabitants of Vareš, the organizers awarded them all with modest cash prizes in the amount of 20 KM. It should be noted that the youngest participant was 8-year-old Josip Mircic , who took the hearts of the audience and received a great ovation for his performance: “When I hear tambourines” and “Uzice kolo”. 12-year-old Victoria Jurkicgave an excellent performance, she opened the Vr'ovina Harmonikijada in 2019 with the song "Village I Lola".  Another phenomenal performance was from 15-year-old Dejan Franjic, who was delighted the audience performing the waltz on the accordion. Also the versatile 13-year-old Karla Malbasic, should be noted with her performance of Khalid's Lavender and Harris's You Will Know Me in a Step which she played and sang.

All contestants emphasised in their interviews prior to the start of the competition that it is important to participate and not to win. 

Here are the competition results.

Karla Malbasic was best placed in the PERSPECTIVE HARMONIKAS category.

In the HARMONIST VIRTUOZ category is as follows: 
1st place Mirnes Dedic 
2nd place Mladen Malbasic 
3rd place Goran Bozic

In the HARMONIKAS FUN category, the best were: 
1st place Zeljko Franjic 
2nd place Bruno Gavran 
3rd place Meho Zazan

Vareš Municipality supplied the prizes for the winners. The first prize winner received a cash prize of 200 KM, whilst the second and third place winners each received a prize of 100 KM.

The Tamburitza Vareš were also in attendance at the Harmonikijada and delighted the guests.

The next Harmonikijada will take place in August 2020, many locals are looking forward to it.