Race for the Cure

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  • 28 September 2020

As part of Race for the Cure, Adriatic Metals put forward three teams to take part in the event, held across Europe on 25-27 September.

In order to promote women's health and raise awareness about breast cancer together with the Adriatic Metals team from the United Kingdom and "Tethyan Resources" from Serbia, we decided to be part of the "Race for the Cure" event. The Race / Walk for Healing, across Europe, is the largest form of support for breast cancer patients. It helps organizations and healthcare institutions raise the necessary funds and awareness about breast cancer. Every year about 130,000 individuals in Europe lose their lives in the fight against the disease, so this type of support is extremely important.

Due to COVID-19 we were prevented from participating in large groups, which is how the fundraiser took place in previous years, so the "Race for the Cure" came up with the idea to implement activities in the form of online support and teams walking in smaller groups. The Adriatic Metals team registered online and each member donated funds as a contribution to the fight against breast cancer. We then walked in our own cities over the weekend in support of this event.