Radio Interview with Aida Ahmedovic on Eastern Mining Community Activity

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  • 29 September 2020

Aida Ahmedovic summarises all the activities in the local community.

Aida Ahmedović, our Social community relations coordinator for Eastern Mining company had  an interview last week at Radio Bobovac, where she presented all the activities that we have undertaken in the local community so far. Dr. sc. Jasmina Isabegović, form the Mine Institute d.d. Tuzla, also joined the conversation explaining the idea and siginificance of the „Household survey“, to the public who are directly affected by our current Project.

One of the successfully established systems for communicating with the local people in the past six months is the Eastern Mining Newsletter. The Newsletter is published every two months, containing Project’s social responsible topics, and these editions are shared in the local communities that are closest to the Project. We have also distributed a brochure containing technical information to the locals. In order to meet our goal of working transparently, we formed a Public Liaison Committee.  This is an independent body whose members come from different areas of life including local representatives of the community. The idea behind the PLC was to include diversity between its members resulting in greater representation of community interests.

Dr. sc. Jasmina Isabegović, from the Mine institute d.d. Tuzla gave us more information about the „Household survey“ that will take place 15 days from now in the following local communities: Gornja Borovica, Donja Brovica, Osredak, Pogar, Semizova Ponikva, Položac. Whilst carrying out the survey, the local population will be given a unique chance to learn more about the Project and send feedback. This  information is vital for the successful implementation of the project.

You can hear more information about company’s involvement in the activities of the local community and the „Household survey“ in the following link: